Saturday, February 20, 2010

Children with Disabilities in Australia

On a whim I brought a copy of Marie Claire, earlier this week. As per usual (I do this maybe twice a year - for reasons unknown to me) I was generally dissapointed. Pictures of too skinny women, expensive clothes and makeup - boring...  However, there was one article and a related petition that I am driven to share with my small audience.
One of this month's features for Marie Claire is a harrowing article on the closure of Kingsden School in Sydney - the only (I believe) boarding school for disabled children open in Australia, due to a withdrawal of funds from Anglicare (a funding body of the Anglican Church). The article provides a truly saddening exposure to the financial and emotional costs that are associated with raising severely disabled children with so very little support. Indeed, according to Marie Claire, families with severely disabled children:

 Typically receive just $105 in benefits a week, plus a lump sum of $1000 a year.
 Gee - I can see how that is such a benefit to receive.

Rather than rehash the article, click on the link above. If you believe that we as a society should support people with a disability and their families and believe that Kingsden should remain open, please sign the petition created by Marie Claire here


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