Saturday, September 4, 2010

The $11 million black hole

While the giant, gaping $11 million dollar black hole (ok, it is 10.6, but primary school maths tells us to round upwards from five, new ltd take note) is almost old news now, I thought I might harp on it a bit. Aside from the fact that amount is more than I have in my wallet, what does this entire debacle tell us?

Tony is a lying toad
Tony Abbot knew that his budget wouldn’t add up. This is why he:
  • Refused  to submit his budget to Treasury during the election. A law that was passed by his own party when they were in power. 
  • Refused again to submit his budget to the independents and walked ran out of a press conference when asked about it, 
  • Thought about an excuse, stated it, changed it to another one and still refused to submit.
  • Eventually submitted because he realised that he looked like he had something to hide.

Seriously, the LNP's actions made it clear that they knew that their costings were rubbish. No-one practices such evasive action unless they have something to hide.

The alternative is that they screwed up economically. Although I would seriously love to think this is the case, and would provide me with great fodder each time someone replies to my anti-LNP rhetoric with, "but what about the economy?", it's rubbish.

They lied. 

Image by Cinephobia / CC BY-NC 2.0


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