Sunday, September 5, 2010

Looking to the Past for an Idea of the Future: LNP in power

John Howard - End Of An Era - tea towel
Bernard Keane of Crikey provided a brilliant retrospect of the Howard governments so-called political competence on Friday.   

Reading Keane sparked the nodes, reigniting my most shame and anger filled political schema: immigration laws under the mighty LNP. After three years, where, although we haven't greatly improved things, we still haven't been making charming headlines like oh, say:

  • Cornelia Rowe
  • Haneef
  • Children overboard
  • Vivien Stone
 The actions of the immigration department under the various immigration ministers were appalling, disgusting, and shameful on an international scale. And Tones has made it clear that 'teh boat people' are a big priority. Stopping them, that is.

Which brings us to the question: with Tony so tough on teh boat people, what type of headlines are we going to be creating if Tones is at the helm? The imagination runs wild - as the only policy Tones has released is that he will 'stop teh boats.' Oh,and the boat phone. But seriously, the boat phone is not a policy; it's a ridiculous gimmick that, if the election wasn't run on whistle blowing and the MSM wasn't asleep at the wheel, would have never made it to the light of day.

Boat phone aside, if Tones runs this country, we will be creating textbooks that, in 200 years, some LNP
culture warrior will be demanding be rewritten, because we have 'no reason to be ashamed of our history.'


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